Otafest is a Calgary based non-profit organization expressing the values of charity, quality, and transparency. The body of our activity pertains to the promotion of Japanese art, culture, and media in the Canadian community, and our organization rests firmly on the spirit of community collaboration and volunteerism.

Otafest Aurora 2014 is a one-day festival held at SAIT Polytechnic.

Otafest Aurora

17 Jul

Welcome to the Otafest Aurora 2014 website!

This is a big year for us, Aurora 2013 broke the record for one-day attendance and so we've upgraded our venue to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. SAIT boasts a beautiful campus (even in the winter!) with a number of great photo op locations! The buildings are further away from roads and traffic so it is quiet and safe.
We also have much more room for our Vendors and Artist Alley area in a high ceiling area with natural lighting!

Our Gala is back and will be bigger and better than before! Make sure you buy your tickets quickly, they sell out earlier every year!
For those new to Otafest Aurora, the gala is the grandest event we've premiered since pioneering a new winter convention! Enjoy a catered buffet dinner and dance with your favourite selection of music. Formal dress isn't required for this event - cosplay is always acceptable! But shining up a dressed-up cosplay sure adds an air of mystery and prestige to your character! Gala passes include festival admission, so you can check out the festival during the day as well.

We have some surprises up our sleeves for you, so check out our facebook, twitter, and check back here for updates!

Edmonton Pins

Hello everyone! I can’t tell you enough how excited the team is to welcome you back to the Otafest Pin Trading blog! It’s been too long! Thankfully we are back with another entry for you to tide you over until this November when Otafest Aurora 2014 arrives!

Last summer when our team went up to Edmonton, we brought with us a special pin in honour of our friends in Northern Alberta. The response was overwhelming with people from all around Alberta stopping by to pick up our special pin release. We knew right away that we would have to make another one for 2014. But instead of just making one pin...we made 3! That’s right! We have a brand new set of pins that will be released in August!

For our new set, we look to our friends up North for inspiration. Borrowing their role playing game theme, we imagined Seph, Aurora, and June as a party off to rid the land of evil! Just like in a game, each of them has a skill that allows them to succeed as a team where they could not do on their own. Let’s see what roles they play, shall we?

Our first pin is Warrior Seph! The qualities of a great warrior are brute strength, resilience, and courage! Beautiful and deadly, Seph trades in her famous scythe for a buster sword as she attempts to save the world from evil! While Seph is super strong, she’s unable to attack foes at a distance and needs to be healed in order to survive attacks!

Our second pin is Mage Aurora! While Au-chan wears the white tunic of a healer, I wouldn’t doubt that she has some strong attacking magic as well! Au-chan likes to think she can do everything by herself, but she’s not all that fond of being on the receiving end of a slash! While she can’t take the heat, she is able to heal her friends and buff them up to deal massive damage! Take that you giant enemy crabs!

Our last pin is Archer June! Stealthy, speedy, and deadly, June’s pinpoint accuracy allows her to pierce all types of armor! Able to attack at a distance, her ability to scout helps the party avoid confrontation. While June can deal out the damage, she’s not all that useful in hand to hand combat so she’ll need to make sure she keeps a safe distance!

This set of pins was designed by the amazing Vicky Xiao!

All three pins will be available at our booth at Animethon 21 in Edmonton, AB. The location of our booth will be published on our social media once we have confirmation. We have made enough for everyone to purchase as many pins as they would like! The Archer June pin will be more limited in quantity.

Any pins we have left over will be made available for trade at future Otafest events. Gold versions of these pins will be made available at Otafest Aurora 2014.

We will also have what's left of our previous pins available for sale if you missed any! You can use this opportunity to purchase one of our staff designs! Once Aurora 2014 arrives, all of our prior designs including the RPG set will be designated as trade only.

We look forward to seeing you in August! Take care!


Hello and welcome back to the Otafest Pin Trading Blog! We hope you have enjoyed the summer so far! We also hope you’re looking ahead to winter when Otafest Aurora 2014 finally arrives! We are back today with some news that we hope you will be excited for so please read on to find out more!

Otafest has decided to partner with Animethon to introduce pin trading to Edmonton. What does this mean? Our sister convention in Edmonton will now offer their own set of pins featuring their mascots Nishi and Misaki! We are very excited for them to introduce the pin trading as it will allow fans from Northern Alberta to join the fun!

But that is not all! We've partnered with Animethon to allow you to trade your Otafest pins for Animethon pins! That’s right! You will be able to trade any pins you have that you have from any previous Otafest event and trade them with Animethon staff! They will accept them one for one just as we do at Otafest. When you arrive at Otafest Aurora 2014 with your new Animethon pins, you will be able to trade them with us as well. Whether you collect all the pins or only your favourites, you will have more opportunities to meet new people and have fun!

To see Animethon's designs, please check out their website! Animethon.org

Of course, this isn't the only news we have for Otafest pin trading! We have something to show you...next week! Check back on July 7th to see what we have in store for you! See you then!

Otafest Aurora Trivia: Did you know that Otafest Aurora 2013 was the biggest winter festival in our history?

Thank you!

22 May

Thank you for coming to Otafest 2014!
We hope you're recovering well, most of the staff are waking up from their "Ota-coma" just now.

We couldn't be more proud of our community right now. 7,787 people came together to raise $13,500 for the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society! Both of these numbers are groundbreaking, this year had the highest attendance numbers as well as the highest amount of money raised for charity in Otafest's history and it's all thanks to you.

Closing Ceremonies

If you missed the closing ceremonies, here's a recap of some of our winners:

Cosplay Contest

  • Best in Show - Izy C as Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)
  • Fan Favourite - The One Piece Crew (One Piece)
  • Best Performance - Kitara Projects
  • Best Costume - John H as Horologium (Fairy Tail)
  • Most Authentic - Hanna D and Jenn McD as Hungary and Austria (Hetalia)
  • Director's Choice - Andrew N and Andrew W as Link and Gannondorf (Zelda)

Cosplay Showcase (click on names for photos!)

  • Best Expert - Daina F as Bethany Hawke (Dragon Age 2)
  • Best Journeyman - Jennifer P as Ice Drake (Shyuana)
  • Best Novice - Dorothy T as Daedric Armour (Skyrim)
  • Best Prop - Monique M as Gomamon & Gatomon (Digimon Adventure)
  • Judge's Choice - Alison M as Kougyoku Ren (Magi: The Kingdom of Magic)
  • Judge's Choice - Carly K as Cherlyn (Granado Espada)
  • Judge's Choice - Jessica W as Cardcaptor Sakura (CCS)
  • Judge's Choice - Sarah S & Stefan C as Winter & Summer Fauns (Original Character)
  • YaYa's Choice - Izy C as Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)

Mr & Ms Otafest

  • Mr.Otafest - Calvin B
  • Ms.Otafest - Maria A

And of course, our charity punishment event:

We hope to see you at SAIT for Otafest Aurora on November 29, 2014!