Love gaming? When you’re at Otafest, check out all the fun ways you can get your game on.

Open Gaming

Want to just play some video games on our free-play consoles? Sure you do. Stop by the gaming room in Macleod Hall and hang out with friends (or make new ones) at our PS4, Xbox One, GameCube, or Wii stations.
Open Gaming
Board and Card Gaming

Board Games and Card Gaming

Nothing beats the tactile feel of slamming down an Uno reversal card to win a game. If video games aren’t your thing, we have a library of board games to choose from thanks to our partnership with Fall Con. If you’re into Trading Card Games we’ve got you covered too with free-play areas and tournaments.

Pokemon League

Challenge real Gym Leaders to earn real badges! Bring your copy of Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield to the Pokemon League and battle your way up the ranks! The League is structured so casual players can earn the badges and competitive players will find their challenge with the Elite Four, and only the best can beat the Champion.

Head to Glen 206 to battle!

Pkmn League
Arcade Challenges

Otafest Arcade Challenges

Earn prizes by playing Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros. Ultimate, Splatoon 2, and more! Each game will be played in 2 hour blocks. Play your best and have fun. Pre-register online using the forms below (space is limited), or sign up in person on the day of the event.

Super Smash Brothers returns to Otafest, so get ready to Settle it in Smash with a traditional 1v1, single elimination bracket. Every day will feature a new bracket and a chance to win, so make sure to check it out.

Want to prove you’re the master of Mario Kart? Join us for a heated multi-player LAN race off. This event will be run on Friday and Saturday, so you can enter for either day or both!

Mr. Grizz is hiring for a dangerous job, but if you’re up for the challenge, there’s plenty of prizes to be won. Compete with others for a high score at Salmon Run on Splatoon 2.

Come check out an in person Splat Fest! Once you’ve chosen a side, you’ll be teamed up to see who can claim the most turf in this ultimate splat-battle.

Steel Thy Shovel and prepare for some action-packed brawling in the indie hit Shovel Knight Showdown. Choose from over a dozen different Shovel Knight characters and face off in a variety of 8-bit styled worlds for your chance to be the crowned the champion.

Are you a puzzle master? Put your block and blob skills to the ultimate test as you compete to clear lines and stack up your opponents.

Compete to get high scores by running, stretching and moving in the fitness-focused event. Bonus points may be given out if you come in full cosplay, so make sure you come prepared to sweat.

Face off against others as you race to the goal in a variety of Mario Maker game courses. Every second counts as you run, jump and find your way to the flagpole.