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The Ultimate Guide to Cosplay at Otafest

Otafest loves cosplayers! We have a ton of different events and contests to help you show off your costumes, connect with other cosplayers, and maybe take home a prize or two! Here’s our Cosplay Director, Amanda, with a rundown of all our contest opportunities. Plus, we take a look inside the ultimate Cosplay Repair kit, […]

A Critter’s Guide to Otafest for fans of Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

  Bidet, adventurers! This Otafest we’re excited to welcome the infamous Tiefling Warlock, Zahra Hydris herself! But this is no Trial of the Take – here’s all the information you need for your campaign to meet Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, and other great events for fans of Critical Role or Dungeons and Dragons to enjoy in […]

Cowboy Bebop 20th Anniversary Celebration

  3… 2… 1… Let’s jam! No need to wait for Netflix – come enjoy the original Cowboy Bebop alongside the stars at Otafest in Calgary! It’s been 20 years since Cowboy Bebop roped our hearts, so we’re celebrating with Steve Blum (Spike Spiegel), Wendee Lee (Faye Valentine) and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (ADR Director, Julia), […]

Esteemed Judges for Canadian Qualifiers of Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup!

Otafest is honored to host the Canadian Qualifiers for the international Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup contest at Animecon in Rotterdam for the second year in a row! Our best cosplay duos are already hard at work on their costumes and performances, and if last year’s contest was any indication, this is one show at Otafest […]

Give the Gift of Otafest!

An experience lasts a lifetime. Give Otafest tickets to a friend and experience a magical weekend of fandom together! It’s easy! Buy your tickets, and once you’ve surprised them, transfer the tickets to their email address using the information below. You can even to give to to your friend! Step 1: Buy your tickets online […]

Otafest Annual General Meeting: Outcomes & Announcements

Otafest has completed our AGM and are proud and excited to announce the 2019-2021 Board of Directors. President: Stephanie Mok Treasurer: Binh Du Secretary: Shawn Hansen Director: Justin Lo Director: Vicky Lau Director: Amy Pratt Director: Brendan Hood Chair: Jenny Chan As Otafest enters a new decade, a new strategic direction has been implemented and […]

Anime is Gay: The Intersection of Queer and Anime Culture

As a young anime fan, I never imagined that such an ugly and dismissive statement would lead me to a such wonderful and inclusive community. I was like every teen trying to figure out their path in the world, but with some added roadblocks: I was queer, AND I was a nerd. While queer representation […]

Your D&D Otafest adventure with Matt Mercer

May 18-20, 2018 | Calgary How Do you Want to Do This? Whether you’re a #Critter or love Matt Mercer for his numerous voice acting roles, here’s some key campaigns and side quests to check out at Otafest! Catch autographs, photos, panels, workshops, performances and more!   Flying to Calgary? Air Canada offers a 10% […]

Otafest Maid Cafe Experience 2018

One of Otafest’s most successful charity initiatives is our Maid & Butler cafe – an opportunity to have a taste of a unique Japanese service experience with delicious cafe food and drinks. In the Telus Convention Center we’ve been able to expand our Maid Cafe initiatives to enable even more attendees to participate in this […]

Caitlin Glass at Otafest

May 18-20, 2018 | Calgary Caitlin Glass – voice actress and ADR director best known for the role of Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist, Caitlin has been working in the anime industry since 2004. In 2008, Caitlin directed the widely popular fan-favorite, Ouran High School Host Club, as well as voicing Haruhi Fujioka. Caitlin also […]