By: Amanda L.

Hello Cosplayers!!

Happy 2019! The countdown to Otafest is on and I can’t wait to see what amazing cosplay outfits you all have been working on during the winter months! Here’s a refresher on what we have planned for Cosplay Programming for Otafest 2019!

Every year, we are really excited to host several different contests, geared towards different folks, to make sure everyone gets a chance to shine! We have contests that focus on your creativity, your craftsmanship, your sense of fun, or your love for acting! Don’t feel like you must sew or craft to join in on some of these events! We believe that cosplay is for everyone, regardless of your age, your gender identity or your craftsmanship. The most important part is that everyone feels good about themselves and has fun!

Here is a breakdown of all the events:

Friday afternoon is the Cosplay Showcase! Break out your crafting skills and show off your best handiwork to our guest judges in our craftsmanship contest! Remember, you need to have made at least 80% of your costume or prop yourself to enter this one!

Saturday is Main Stage Day!! We kick things off with C4 qualifiers! Teams of two will compete in Canada’s qualifiers for Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup 2020 in the Netherlands! Registration is still open, and there are a couple spots left before we start the waitlist! If you love to act, perform and write skits, we are calling you!

Then, we go to the Fashion Show and Skit Contest! If you want to come up on stage to show off your costume, the Fashion Show is a super easy way to compete for prizes without having to perform! But, if you have the performance skills too, why not show them off as well in the Skit Contest? Open to any kind of performance, including dance, spoken word, musical performance and skits! New for this year however, any performance needs to be minimum 80% self choreographed or written to encourage creativity and to see what our amazing attendees can come up with!

Sunday is for mingling! Come check out How it’s Made: Cosplay Edition! See some amazing work from our local cosplayers and ask questions about their different presentations. If you’re wanting to get into cosplaying, this is the event for you!

And, introducing: Stars of Cosplay!! Our re-branded popularity contest (formerly known as Mr and Miss Otafest) is just a fun way to chat with other attendees and pull in your votes! If you are in cosplay on Sunday and want to compete for votes, stop by the registration table, have your picture taken, and then have your friends, fans, everyone come vote for you! We have a special surprise this year for our inaugural edition of Stars of Cosplay so make sure you come by and check it out!

More information on all of these events will be posted to the Otafest website on March 1, which is also when pre-registration for the Skit Contest and Cosplay Showcase will go live! There’s also one more super secret surprise that will be on the website on March 1, so make sure you check it out if you’re planning on entering any of our cosplay events!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can!

I look forward to seeing everyone at Otafest! Happy Cosplaying!