Otafest is honored to host the Canadian Qualifiers for the international Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup contest at Animecon in Rotterdam for the second year in a row! Our best cosplay duos are already hard at work on their costumes and performances, and if last year’s contest was any indication, this is one show at Otafest you don’t want to miss! RSVP and mark it in your calendars.

The Canadian Qualifiers for Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup is free with admission to Otafest! Get your tickets now.

Otafest is excited to share our esteemed panel of judges for our C4 qualifiers for 2019!

Richard of SilverLinings Cosplay

Part of Calgary’s own Silver Lining Cosplay with his wife Lyndsey, Richard and his wife are staples of the Alberta scene and have appeared as guests of honor at Calgary Expo, Ptarmicon and more! Representing Alberta talent at numerous conventions all over the globe, they’ve been recognized internationally for their cosplay craftsmanship and design.

They are passionate about the fun in cosplay, and also the joy of striving for excellence in craftsmanship. “Our goal is to make a progressive difference in the cosplay world by encouraging confidence and inclusiveness, and to build a sense of community and positive support. Cosplay is for everyone!”

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William Tan Photography

Nomes began cosplaying in 2010 with no prior skills in sewing or crafting. Almost ten years and 50+ costumes later she knows just enough to know how much there still is to learn. She has represented the United Kingdom (UK) in cosplay competitions on multiple occasions including the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) finals in 2012 (solo category) and 2015 (group category). More recently Nomes represented the UK at the World Cosplay Summit 2018 in Nagoya, Japan with Chris Minney – Cosplay & Fitness.

Whilst Nomes likes to dabble in all areas of costume creation and performance, it’s safe to say she specialises in hairy armour a.k.a. wig styling; she finished fourth in the prestigious international Arda Iron wig contest in 2015. She has been running her own wig commission business aimed at cosplayers since the end of 2016 and she shares WIPs, tips and tutorials of her methods on her social media platforms.

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Chris Minney

Chris Minney began cosplaying 10 years ago as part of the Naruto cosplay community. Since then he has transformed from Froku to Goku, participating in cosplay contests (1st place Bordercos 2016; 1st place WCS UK 2018), appearing in music videos (ShaoDow – Kaio-Ken (2018) and training to become ‘The World’s Strongest!’ (powerlifting total of 587.5kg/1295lb). Minn focuses on translating video game and anime characters from the screen into real life, aiming to bring realism into fantasy. It’s this ethic that has brought him opportunities to cosplay for video game companies such as Ubisoft for whom he represented Bayek from the latest Assassin’s Creed game.
He is recognised as a fitness specialist and takes pride and pleasure in sharing his training knowledge with the cosplay community. He aims to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle and give fellow geeks the courage they need to step into the gym armed with a foundation of knowledge that can take them from strength to strength. “Pick a character and go all in”, he says. “Give it everything in your heart.”
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Judge #4 – Calssara

Otafest Guest of Honor Calssara will also be joining us as our final judge! Learn more about Calssara on her guest page.