Canada 150: Celebrate Canadian talent at Otafest

What better way than to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday than to recognize our great country’s contribution to art, music, and entertainment? Meet the 8 groups of incredible Canadian guests headlining Otafest this year.

All our Canadian guests (excepting WTCHDCTR) will have autograph sessions scheduled throughout the weekend, free of charge for Otafest attendees. [Buy Tickets]

Cosplayer & Illustrator – Gladzy Kei

Calgary’s own Gladzy Kei has made a huge impact in the international cosplay scene with her intricate fantasy armor design and fabrication. From Disney Princesses to Sailor Moon, Gladzy has been delighting fans with her beautiful cosplay for over a decade.

Gladzy will be running panel workshops on Digital Illustration, Armor Fabrication, and Designing your own Cosplay, as well as selling artwork in our Marketplace.

See our spotlight on Gladzy.

Proton Jon of the Runaway Guys – YouTube & Twitch Gaming Personality

“Proton Jon (real name: Jonathan Wheeler) is a Let’s Player, part of the original group of Video Let’s Players from Something Awful. Like most of them, he created a YouTube account to host the videos he made. One day, he posted a two part LP of a level from Kaizo Mario World. It became a huge hit, and one of the seminal LP videos on YouTube.” (via TV Tropes)

A Local Calgarian, Proton Jon frequently conducts charity fundraising via Twitch for efforts such as Fort McMurray relief and Direct Relief

Appearing at Otafest a part of the power trio The Runaway Guys, Proton Jon will be giving panels on creating gaming content for YouTube & Twitch, and the infamous “Thrown Controllers” panel.

Learn more about The Runaway Guys

Voice Actor & Director – Tracey Moore

It’s undeniable that the emergence of Sailor Moon in the North American market in the 90’s was the catalyst that launched Japanese Animation into the public eye. At the heart of that was Tracey Moore.

Already an accomplished voice actor in shows like Care Bears, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 and Rupert, not only was Tracey Moore the first voice of Sailor Moon herself, but acted as Voice Director for the first 15 episodes, providing that essential creative leadership that helped the show gain a strong foothold in the market.

Tracey, Ron & Jill will be conducting panels on voice acting and their work in Sailor Moon.

Learn more about Tracey Moore


Voice Actor – Ron Rubin

For over thirty years Ron Rubin has been one of the busiest animation actors in the country – his voice can be heard on literally hundreds of cartoon series. Ron worked with Stan Lee on the original X-Men (Morph) and Avengers (Vision) animated television series, as well as with Tim Burton on the Emmy Award winning Beetlejuice cartoon

Ron is a force in the world of Anime, and is probably best known for originating the voice of Artemis in the North American English dub of Sailor Moon.

Ron & Jill will be conducting panels on voice acting and their work in Sailor Moon.

Learn more about Ron Rubin


Actress – Jill Frappier

Jill Frappier is a veteran Canadian actor, with a professional career spanning more than 45 years. She’s appeared in numerous TV shows, commercials, CBC radio plays, video games such as Assassin’s creed, films,  and of course numerous cartoon voice acting roles.

Jill Frappier is best known in the anime scene for her role as Luna in Sailor Moon, as well as roles in Hello Kitty and Keroppi.

Ron & Jill will be conducting panels on voice acting and their work in Sailor Moon.

Learn more about Jill Frappier



Randy Crisologo, also known as Birdy, is a Calgary based freelance illustrator whose works mainly gather elements from Anime & Fantasy & Video Game culture. Birdy’s garnered a strong following in Pokemon fandom for his adorable art series of small Pokemon wearing onesies of their larger forms! Birdy will be doing a live draw session at Otafest, an Artist spotlight Q&A, and offering art & autographs at his table all weekend.

Learn more about Birdy



Local Calgarian, Zach Ulaszonek, has been producing electronic music under the moniker WTCHDCTR for almost a decade now! Featuring electronic beats with a distinctly Japanese Flavour, WTCHDCTR has been signed to Shoeboxx Recordings since 2013.

WTCHDCTR will be opening our Friday night dance in Main Events with his anime-influenced beats.

Learn more about WTCHDCTR


Synaptic Chaos Theatre

Synaptic Chaos Theatre is your friendly neighbourhood geek comedy troupe, specializing in live improv and semi-scripted comedy shows such as “Late Night Dub Fight” and “Doki-Doki Kyuu-Kyuu Challenge”! Formed in 2010 and boasting decades of improv experience amongst its members, SCT regularly performs for large crowds at anime, gaming, and sci-fi conventions across North America.

Learn more about Synaptic Chaos Theatre


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