Dearest Otafest Community,

It is with a full heart that I extend warm holiday wishes to our incredible community of supporters. From volunteers, vendors, artists, sponsors, panellists, special guests, event partners, to you – our community of attendees and supporters – the Otafest community is full of kind, generous and positive people of all kinds. We are so thrilled to be part of this community. The holiday season calls us to reflect on all of those people who fill our lives with joy. For the Otafest team, this means all of you.

For many people, the holidays can be tough – I personally enjoy the hopefulness, generosity and kinship that December brings. I take heart in also knowing that we can all find that same joy and warmth every year in May, when we come together to celebrate our shared passions and fandoms.

I hope that you all continue to shine your own unique light into the darkest days of the year. 
Happiest holidays – and cheerful wishes for a new decade.

On behalf of the Otafest planning team,

Stephanie Mok