Bidet, adventurers! This Otafest we’re excited to welcome the infamous Tiefling Warlock, Zahra Hydris herself! But this is no Trial of the Take – here’s all the information you need for your campaign to meet Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, and other great events for fans of Critical Role or Dungeons and Dragons to enjoy in your downtime!

Events with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Autograph Sessions:

  • Friday – 1:00pm – 2:30pm
  • Saturday – Noon – 1:30pm, 4:30pm – 6:00pm
  • Sunday – 11:30am – 1:00pm

Bring your favorite Critical Role merchandise or art to be signed at no fee! All autograph sessions located in Autograph Corner, in the Exhibitor Hall.


Women in Animation

Glen 201-202 | 5:30pm – 6:30pm | AP
Ever wondered what it’s like to be a voice actor – or to direct the action from outside the booth?  Join veteran voice actors, Wendee Lee and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as they talk about their epic journeys as women in animation for over 20+ years!


All About Mary Elizabeth!

Glen 201-202 | 10:00am – 11:00am | AP
Want to know what inspired Zahra’s character creation, or what that Moonhammer she made for Grog really did? Or maybe you want to learn more about Mary’s work on Netflix’s new She-Ra? Here’s your chance to get to know Mary Elizabeth McGlynn!
Moderated Q&A Panel

20 Years of Cowboy Bebop

Main Events | 2:30pm – 3:30pm | AP
Cowboy Bebop turned 20 last year! We catch up with Steve Blum (Spike), Wendee Lee (Faye) and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Julia) to get their thoughts and memories on this epic classic anime!
Moderated panel and Q&A

The adventure begins here:

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Recommended panels, meetups, screenings and other events


How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord

Macleod E3 | 1:00pm – 2:30pm | 14P
Takuma Sakamoto, the most powerful player in the MMORPG Cross Reverie, is referred to as the ‘Demon Lord’ by all other players. Now he finds himself summoned into a new magical world with the same appearance of his player character and all his stats and skills – a new adventure begins.
Anime Screening

Critical Role! Mighty Nein Panel

Glen 208-209 | 11:30pm – 12:30am | AP
The Mighty Nein have come to set fire to your hearts! Catch this horrible band of characters as they fight their way to your local Otafest. Hide your family, and drink that liquor, the Mighty Nein are here!
Community Content Hosted by Jason (MacKenzie) B. This panel, unlike Nott, does not actually contain liquor.


Critter Meetup – Critical Role Fan Meetup

Marriott Patio | 3:00pm – 4:00pm
Connect with other fans of Critical Role – find new friends, share cosplay and art, and take some amazing photos together!
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Critical Role! Vox Machina

Glen 208-209 | 5:30pm – 6:30pm | AP
Vox Machina is invading Otafest! The Original crew of Critical Role is coming! So bring your ale, advert your gaze ladies, and prepare, for this edition of, Critical Role.
Community Content Hosted by Jason (MacKenzie). Sorry, no ale served – Grog has already used the alchemy jug today!

The Adventure Zone: As Gay As it Could Get

Glen 201-202 | 5:30pm – 6:30pm | AP
Cosplayers from the series The Adventure Zone will put on one minute (family friendly) lip sync battles to compete against one another. The audience will vote after each round, eliminating one cosplayer each time, until a first, second, and third place are determined. After the winner is crowned, participate in interactive games such as The Dating Game, and truth or dare!
Community Content Hosted by Felicia O.

Zapp’s Spaceship of Love presents: Critical Fail!

Glen 208-209 | 7:00pm – 8:00pm | AP
Does nothing ever seems to go right, and everything seems to falls apart? This popular Otafest panel returns again! Come join the crew on a comedy/improv D&D adventure where nothing ever seems to go right, and everything seems to falls apart!
Highlighted Community Content Hosted by Donald E.


Learn to play: Kemomimi Panic

Macleod A1 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm | AP
Join this game demo session and let our gaming masters show you how to become a master player! Kemomimi Panic is a conversation-based deduction game in which all players take the role of a beast-eared human, but the master thief Crescent Moon lurks among them, aiming to steal
every player’s treasure before the civilians can reveal her.
Official Otafest Content

The Adventure Zone

Glen 208-209 | 1:30pm – 2:30pm | AP
The Starblaster has come to invade your plane and your convention with a fan’s look at The McElroy’s epic D&D Podcast, “The Adventure Zone”! Come and see the notorious Tres H Boys and friends recall all their great stories you heard from the void fish!
Community Content Hosted by Jason (MacKenzie) B.

The Voices of Anarchy All-Ages Otafest Send-off Improv Extravaganza!

Macleod B-D | 4:00pm – 5:30pm | AP
It may not be Dungeons and Dragons, but this Improv is just as exciting and hilarious!
Join the Voices of Anarchy for one last blow-out Otafest show with 90 MORE minutes of All-Ages improv comedy! Who else is gonna do that for you? Your doctor? I think not! Lead by voice actor and improv veteran Will Wood, this group of young, comedic men and women are reasonably excited to close out their show run at Otafest 2019!
Guest Content Hosted by The Voices of Anarchy


By: Amy Sutherland [Instagram]


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