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Revel in Tyler’s charisma as he shares life stories with you while tackling some very real issues in society, all while auctioning off some your wonderful pieces. Tyler will take you on a journey like no other, but for him to do so, he needs stuff to sell!

Otafest will retain 10% of all proceeds, owners will receive all else generated from the auction unless otherwise indicated (e.g. if you’d like the proceeds donated to charity).

  • This form will close on May 13, 2019 at 7:00 PM MT.

    Welcome to the Otafest Auction!

    Submission guidelines:
    1. Limited space available! This is not a first come first serve basis submission process. We will be reviewing all submissions for approval.
    2. Collectible material may be sold as one (1) lot. For instance, 4 posters for $10.00 can be considered one (1) lot.
    3. Please bring your items to the auction room on Sunday. We will not accept any auction items before Sunday. We will e-mail you the cut-off time and the drop-off room number if your lot(s) are accepted.
    4. Please label or tag your items with your name, phone number, and minimum bid. If you do not specify a minimum bid, the item will be sold according to audience demand. IMPORTANT: Please indicate if you would like to donate your item(s) to our charity.
    5. In order to maintain an annual convention, Otafest will retain 10% of all proceeds. Owners of the respective material(s) sold will receive all else generated from the auction unless otherwise indicated (e.g. donated to charity).
  • One that we can reach you at during Otafest!
  • In case you can't be there after auction to receive your money.
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