Cosplay is an incredibly important part of our festival and we love seeing our dedicated cosplayers turn out in style to showcase their latest creations. We appreciate all of you and your efforts, dedication, and passion in bringing your favourite characters to life for everyone to enjoy.

Scroll down to see the various shows and contests you can enter, and don’t forget to read our Cosplay Handbook for contest details and rules!

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Cosplay at Otafest

How It’s Made

Cosplay Edition

Share your cosplay and crafting related knowledge in this two-hour science fairesque event. It’s all about discussing cosplay and building up the cosplay community in Calgary!

Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup

Otafest is proud to host the Canadian qualifiers for the world’s most relaxed international cosplay event. Compete for a trip to Japan with all taxes, hotel, and Japan Rail Pass covered!

Skit Contest

Check In: May 18 | 9:00am – 12:00pm | Panels 4 | MUST Pre-register

This is one of the most popular events at Otafest! Pay tribute to your favorite anime characters through a skit, dance production, or other creative performance. This is a highlight for many festival attendees! The Cosplay Skit Contest is not for walk-ons! Walk-ons can take part in the Cosplay Fashion Show!

Fashion Show

Register: May 18 | 9:00am – 12:00pm | Panels 4

Strut your stuff and show off your cosplay on stage at our Cosplay Fashion Show and you’re bound to be a hit! This event is for you to show off your cosplay on-stage as a walk-on. Sign up for the Cosplay Fashion Show in person at Otafest!

Full rules and details in the Cosplay Handbook.


Register: May 17 | 4:00pm – 7:00pm | Panels 1

Otafest proudly presents the Cosplay Showcase for cosplayers who want to show off their costumes but don’t necessarily want to do so on-stage during the Cosplay Fashion Show! Here, our judges will look at your costume in detail. No prior experience is necessary as we have separate categories for beginners and experts.

Stars of Cosplay

Register: May 19 | 9:00am – 12:00pm | Info Booth
Vote: May 19 | 12:00pm – 5:00pm | Info Booth

Our popularity contest previously known as “Mr & Miss Otafest” has been overhauled and recreated to be gender inclusive. When you sign up, you’ll select one of two teams to represent, receive an entry number, and have your picture taken for the slideshow and voting tablets. Wear your contestant sign and show off around the festival to have people vote for you! Winners will be crowned at Closing Ceremonies. Just remember, harassing people for votes is not allowed!

Sign up for the Stars of Cosplay in person on Otafest Sunday! (See our schedule, once released, for the sign up location)

Full rules and details in the Cosplay Handbook.

Comprehensive Cosplay Award

New for 2019!

We’re proud to introduce the Comprehensive Cosplay Award for Otafest 2019! This holistic award encourages cosplayers to compete in multiple contests while developing skills to compete in more traditional cosplay competitions like those at the majority of other conventions.

This award will be presented to a cosplayer who exhibits and excels at all of the core components of cosplaying:

Costume Creation

Costume Creation



Stage Presence

Stage Presence

Personal Interaction

Personal Interaction

See all the details in our Cosplay Handbook!