Otafest & Goro+Gun Present

Culinary Anime

SEASON 2 - April 14, 2023

Otafest and Goro + Gun are proud to welcome you back for another anime feast beyond your imagination.

Be prepared to have your taste buds spirited away with our rendition of dishes from some of your favorite animated films brought to life. The culinary adventure awaits you so be sure to bring your appetites and as always, cosplay is encouraged but not required.


What's In Store

For You

We’ll cater to all of your senses with food inspired by popular Japanese anime, fun décor, and anime running on the restaurant TVs.

Your ticket includes a wonderful 4-course meal, one drink, gratuity, and GST. 

Additional drinks may be purchased at the restaurant.

May All Your Bacon (Not) Burn

Sometimes it only takes a simple breakfast of thick bacon, eggs, and toast to calm down a hungry demon. This breakfast inspired dish offers a sweet and savoury French toast surprise that will make you feel all warm inside just like a certain feisty fire demon.

Gotta Eat Them All Sushi

Come with us on a journey to taste the most delectable sushi. Spicy tuna topping with pickled Japanese cucumbers and zesty hints of yuzu. This pocket monster inspired sushi will have you shouting “I CHOOSE YOU!”

Ichiraku Ramen

After a long day of ninja training you will need to replenish your chakra with a hot bowl of Naruto’s favorite ramen. This ramen dish is packed full of ingredients such as Chicken Chintan, BBQ pork, Ajitama Tamago, and of course, it can’t be completed without the swirly naruto fish cake.

Moon Prism Cheesecake

Charge up your moon power with this delicious layered dessert featuring fluffy rare cheesecake and fruity strawberry yuzu jam that will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth. Channel your inner super heroine and repeat after me: In the name of the moon, I will eat you!

Pallet Town Sunrise

Signature Drink

Start your culinary adventure with this fresh and juicy drink featuring sweet orange juice with floral notes of honey, bitters and refreshing Sapporo beer.

Non-alcoholic option available.

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