The Voices of Anarchy

Improv Group

Hey Otafest! You may have heard that Synaptic Chaos Theatre is no more; and while that’s true, don’t you fret! Do you love improv comedy? Are you curious at the very least? Well then, come check out The Voices of Anarchy’s improv shows and laugh along at Otafest 2019! TVoA is a fresh, energized improv comedy group created and led by voice actor and improv veteran Will Wood. With over 15 years of professional improv experience, as well as being a founding member of SCT, and a member of other groups, he’s back this year with Caitlin, Dáithi, Bala, Steve, and Jeena to continue giving you the same kind of shows you’ve loved at Tsukino-Con for years! With two general audience shows, the ever beloved 18+ “Late Show”, and our LNDF alternative “Dubrector’s Cut!”, you’re sure to find many laughs to fill up your Otafest weekend with! Get to know the new cast below:

Will Wood is the leader of The Voices of Anarchy, having over 15 years of professional improv experience including having been a primary member of Synaptic Chaos Theatre right here at Otafest for the past decade. He is also a professional voice actor, who has appeared on YTV and Cartoon Network having lent his voice to characters such as Fergie in Pretty Cure, Imori in HunterxHunter, and Shiro Sutherland in Scan2Go. He’s also been lifelong gamer, and some of his favorite series’ include Sonic, Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Tales of, Kingdom Hearts, Uncharted… the list goes on! He is also creating his very own board game, which he hopes to one day publish!

Caitlin Dawkins has a diploma in Musical Theatre which she applies to her singing performances in the shower. Outside of performing with The Voices of Anarchy and flooding her Snapchat friends with pictures of her chonky cat, she is currently learning sign language. In her free time, Caitlin enjoys video games, with some of her favorite series’ including Kingdom Hearts, Diablo, and Borderlands. She also enjoys reading, mostly fantasy and sci-fi, and if you haven’t read The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss, then she wonders what you’re doing with your life. (Warning: it’s a trilogy but book 3 isn’t out yet.)

Steven Marriott is a Vancouver based musician, voice actor and writer. Although he may have several different things on the go at any given time, they often find a way to intertwine into projects like his food joke based YouTube channel, Pantry TV. It features such episodes as Papayarates of the Caribbean, We Are Les Champignons, and Garlic Van Helsing. In his free time, Steve loves rock climbing, playing video games (and spending excessive amounts of time on sidequests and challenges), and hanging out at home with the chillest little dude you ever did meet, Campbell the rabbit. For more information, just yell at him in the hallway, or visit

Asia Mattu is a Canadian voice actor best known for her roles as Aurora in the holiday special My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever, and as the Rose, Weeds and Parrot Pal in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. She currently plays Rugo on a new show airing on Disney Jr. called Gigantosaurus. When she’s not talking to herself in a padded room, Asia likes playing the drums, practicing martial arts and participating with local improv groups such as Voices of Anarchy and Geeks vs. Nerds. Check out her website for more information. Unfortunately, Asia can’t make it this weekend, but keep an eye out for her in the future!

Dáithi English (the accent over the a is called a Fada, and don’t you forget it!) is The Voices of Anarchy’s own full blooded Irish leprechaun. Before moving to Canada in 2016, he was known to help with the convention scene in his hometown of Limerick. As a young boy, he even had a “starring” role in an Irish TV series. Outside of improv, he can often be found spending time with his loving wife, and collecting and playing many (physical) board and video games; he even worked at an Irish GameStop. You should definitely ask him his opinions on those many board and video games! ;)

Jalyna “Jeena” Wojnowski can be spotted in various series, including Supergirl, A Series of Unfortunate Events and Once Upon a Time. As an actor, she’s appeared in a thriller series based off of internet creepypasta called “Channel Zero”, and on the side can be found dancing to various j-pop and k-pop dances. She’s been a dancer in the online “odottemita” community for more than 6 years and is a member of the group “Shooting Star Idols”, where they perform various Japanese dance covers. In her spare time she loves playing Pokémon and Zelda and will happily rewatch Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood at the drop of a hat.

Bala Sai is a language nerd, world traveler and film and anime lover. She left her job as a translator and ESL teacher in Germany to come to Vancouver and be an actor (pronounced act-TOHR). With a day job, of course. In her free time, she battles a Netflix addiction, runs from zombies and plays the piano.