Mika Burton

Mica Burton has been cosplaying since early 2007, learning how to sew from her grandmother before she discovered that dressing up as her favorite characters could be a hobby or a career. She’s been watching anime and playing video games for as long as she can remember – even sporting head-to-toe Tekken merchandise and Sailor Moon costumes at age 4, and gaming as soon as she could hold a controller.

Her love of all things nerdy landed her a job with the internet entertainment company Rooster Teeth as a host for their popular gaming news channel “The Know”, and recurring on-screen talent. Now, she works as a host for Blizzard Entertainment, covering and commentating on the Overwatch League, Overwatch Contenders, and Overwatch World Cup

In addition to her heavy involvement in the gaming industry, Mica is prominent in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Liveplay, staring in Wizards of the Coast’s “Destiny & Doom” and recently guest starring on the popular series “Critical Role”.

Her enthusiasm for gaming and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree has lead her to voice acting as Vahni in 100 ft Robot Golf, and she continues to pursue her acting career in Los Angeles. 

As a professional cosplayer as well as a model, Mica spreads the love of all things nerdy across the internet, traveling to conventions around the world to share her love of cosplay with fans and fellow artists. Through speaking at conventions and strengthening her craft, Mica hopes to bring more diversity, acceptance, and positivity to the cosplay community, knowing that cosplay is where some of the greatest familial bonds can be formed.

Keep up with Mica @Micaburton on Twitter and Instagram