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Amanda’s Monthly Cosplay Tip: Cosplay Comfort

We’ve all been there. You pour hours and hours of work into making your dream costume, but 2 hours into wearing it, you want nothing more than to take it
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Amanda’s Monthly Cosplay Tip: Cosplaying with Contact Lenses

Every October and before every convention I always see at least one of the following posts on social media: “Does anyone know where I can get cheap contact lenses for
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Chair’s Message for Calgary Pride

For over two decades, Otafest has represented a safe community where everyone is welcome - regardless of any personal circumstance, sexual orientation, gender identity or self-expression.
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Amanda’s Monthly Cosplay Tip: Choosing Adhesives

Nothing is worse than having your hard work fall apart on you, especially right in the middle of the convention!  Choosing the right way to attach your creation together, right
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Family Fun at Otafest

Bring the whole family to one of Calgary's most colourful events of the year! Here's some of the many fun things you can do with your family at Otafest.
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Make your weekend more kawaii: The Otafest Maid Cafe & Bakery

Whether you're snacking on delicious Japanese baking and drinks, buying cute merch, or sitting down for a formal cafe session, Otafest Maids & Butlers will make your weekend!
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