Dear Otafest Community,

Since Otafest 2019, many of you have reached out to us asking for us to consider a revision of our dress code policies regarding sexually explicit imagery on clothing, as many conventions have recently done. Otafest is committed to building an inclusive and welcoming community where everyone can belong, feel safe, and have a great time at our events. We are also committed to providing fun and engaging all ages content, including 18+ content, such as panels by industry-leader FAKKU, the popular “Cards Against Otafest” 18+ charity fundraiser, and much more.

It is very important to us that our community feels that boundaries and consent are respected when they choose to view explicit material. As a result, Otafest has made an update to our policies:

*** Garments containing sexually explicit imagery, pornographic content, or that depict implied sexual acts – such as ahegao and similar designs – are not permitted to be worn or displayed.***

As in all prior years, exhibitors are restricted from openly displaying sexually explicit merchandise, and from selling it to minors. We are very excited to be working with our returning Industry Guest of Honor, FAKKU, who will be offering their fantastic merchandise and programming again this year in accordance with Otafest’s policies.

You can review Otafest’s policies at

– Otafest Planning Committee