Otafest invites members of the media and press to visit our festival. Please find our press pass policies and application on this page. Once submitted, a member of our Media Relations team will contact you with next steps.
Press Pass

Press Pass Policies

  1. Otafest reserves the right to refuse or remove press accreditation at any point before or during the event.
  2. All press must be registered and approved by providing proof of their employment with a press outlet or organization logo, title, and contact information.
  3. Press should apply for accreditation online prior to the event. Limited on-site applications will be reviewed and not guaranteed approval.
  4. Only the approved press personnel will be given a press pass and granted access into the event. Each person must provide proof of employment via business card when you register on-site at the Registration Desk.
  5. Press passes allow access into Otafest and events where space permits. Reserved areas for press will be available for cameras, photographers, microphones, and reporters. Some areas will be equipped with press plugins. Present your press pass to volunteers managing these areas for access.
  6. A press pass does NOT allow early entry, entrance into VIP or ticketed areas, entrance into special events outside of Otafest, or entrance into any Green Rooms. Any special requests must be made in advance.
  7. “Drive-by” (unapproved) interviews with Media Guests are strictly forbidden. Impromptu on-site interviews must be approved through the Public Relations department, Photography, and Guest Relations Teams. Refusal to comply will result in eviction from Otafest and possible blacklisting.
  8. Permission must be obtained from Otafest for any videotaping, filming, or recording that will be used for commercial (non-press) purposes (such as, but not limited to, private documentaries). Please specify this in your press request.
  9. Camera crews are free to roam the convention, but can not set up equipment in a fixed manner without pre-approval.
  10. Photographers and camera operations must be at least 12 feet (366 cm) away from any Media Guest. You are required to stop filming/shooting when asked by an Otafest staff member. Inquire with all Media Guests via the volunteers assisting them if you may photograph or film them.

Press Pass Application

Applications are closed.

At this time, we have made the very difficult decision to postpone Otafest until May 21-23, 2021. Please see our official announcement here.