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Cosplay Showcase

This is a contest specifically for craftsmanship, there is no audience and no performance. Many of our talented cosplayers are excellent craftsmen but are less inclined to show off their work in front of an audience and we completely understand. The Cosplay Showcase is a non-spectator event, usually the only people in the room (aside from staff and judges) will be your fellow entrants and those waiting with them.


You have to have made 80% or more of your cosplay yourself. You don’t have to wear your cosplay, you can have a friend model it for you if that’s your preference. There are no performance requirements and no audience. We highly recommend that you pre-register, it saves us time and you’ll be called up before the day-of registrants. Pre-registering also guarantees you a spot- we do fill up regularly and are forced to turn some day-of entrants away!

Please see the Cosplay Handbook (once available) for official rule, format, and award information.


Registration is not yet open

This form will open in early 2020!