Perform a short skit, monologue, song, dance, or any other act in front of an attendee audience in your cosplay! You do not need to make your own costume for this contest, however you do need to pre-register below. There is no day-of registration for the skit contest.
Skit Contest


This is not an exhaustive list of requirements. For the full list, see the Cosplay Handbook. You are responsible for meeting all of the contest’s requirements in order to qualify.

You can enter as an individual or a group, either way there is only one prize per entry.

All performances must be at least 80% self choreographed. You may take inspiration from existing routines or performances (e.g. using recognizable dance moves or re-enacting similar movements for the character) however the majority of your performance must be self designed and choreographed. If you have questions about this change, please contact us.

Every entry will be given a base time limit of 2 minutes. Every person beyond the first member will be given an additional 30 seconds. For example, a group of 3 people would receive a time limit of 3 minutes (2 minutes + 2 x 30 seconds). If you require an extension to your time limit, please contact the Cosplay Coordinators at

All performers must be registered as part of your group. No member of the audience or unregistered person will be allowed on stage during the contest. Personal recording devices are not allowed on stage. You may have a friend come up to the photography area in front of the stage to record your performance if you like.

All audio you wish to use must be submitted via the registration form or email ( PRIOR TO May 1st 2020. No day-of audio will be accepted, no exceptions.


Applications are closed.

At this time, we have made the very difficult decision to postpone Otafest until May 21-23, 2021. Please see our official announcement here.