Amanda’s Monthly Cosplay Tip: Sewing Stitches, Explained!

Happy February everyone!  Can you believe that we are only 3 months away from Otafest?! I sure can’t! The planning staff is all working super hard at putting together the best Otafest ever and we can’t wait to see everyone again!  We have so many cool things planned this year and I can’t wait to share it […]

Amanda’s Monthly Cosplay Tip: Choosing Fabrics

Hello cosplayers, and happy 2020!  I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season and that you spent some time relaxing and enjoying some time away.  But, in the immortal words of former Otafest Chairman Justin, it’s time to “get back to work!”  (He always said it lovingly, and so am I!) For this month’s cosplay […]

Amanda’s Monthly Cosplay Tip: Cosplay Comfort

We’ve all been there. You pour hours and hours of work into making your dream costume, but 2 hours into wearing it, you want nothing more than to take it off and never wear it again.  Whether it’s too hot, it pinches and squeezes your limbs, or you want to scratch your head off, cosplay […]

Amanda’s Monthly Cosplay Tip: Cosplaying with Contact Lenses

Every October and before every convention I always see at least one of the following posts on social media: “Does anyone know where I can get cheap contact lenses for my costume?” This makes me cringe every time, because, other than working for Otafest, for my “day job” I work in the Ophthalmology clinic at […]

Amanda’s Monthly Cosplay Tip: Choosing Adhesives

Nothing is worse than having your hard work fall apart on you, especially right in the middle of the convention!  Choosing the right way to attach your creation together, right from the start, is crucial to make sure accidents don’t happen. First off, decide whether or not you should be physically connecting the two pieces […]

The Incredible Legacy of Cowboy Bebop

By: Acey R. Cowboy Bebop debuted in Japan 21 years ago in Japan. It has, in that time, become a staple in the anime scene, with an incredible ability to convey a story, in which  everyone can find something to love. From the characters to the pacing, to the incredible soundtrack, Cowboy Bebop has managed […]

Cosplay 101: The Art of EVA Foam

By: Kendra K. Hello everyone, I am here to talk about a now-common material that many cosplayers use: EVA Foam! EVA foam is a light-weight, durable, and cheap foam material, which can serve as a great alternative to other materials, such as Worbla (a thermoplastic used often for props and armor). Foam can be used […]

Otafest & the Spirit of Generosity

Hello, everyone! I’d love to share a little story with you all: a tale which has repeated itself over and over every year since it first came to be. In planning for Otafest 2009, back when Otafest was still at the University of Calgary, our attendance numbers had been rising steadily to include about 4 […]

Welcome to the Otafest Homecoming

By: Sarah W.| Photo: Yugophoto| Two decades of Otafest. I’m writing this article from southwest Ontario, where I’ll be traveling from to get to the convention this year. I’m thinking about my friend Red who I’ll be meeting at the con, and our friend Sel who can’t join for the first time since 2008 since […]

How Living and Teaching in Japan Changed My Life

By: Jessica Roh | Anyone who has traveled to Japan will tell you how meaningful and impactful the experience was for them. Japanese culture is as beautiful as it’s land whilst Japanese people are friendly and hardworking. Through the JET Programme, I was fortunate to get a one year contract, teaching English in Kyoto city. […]