The surrealist magical girl / fighting series Revolutionary Girl Utena is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year – and so is Otafest! To mark the occasion, we have a full weekend of content highlighting the both most memorable and the most WTF moments of this groundbreaking queer-themed anime, hosted by the longest running English Utena fansite – Empty Movement!  [Learn More about our hosts]

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A tomboyish schoolgirl finds herself forced into repeated duels for another girl who has a role in a world revolution. Come discover the magic of the first episodes of the Student Council Saga of this landmark shoujo anime – or relive it again! (We promise, it’s even better the second time through!)
This event is an anime showing only, and is not hosted.

UTENA: How do you solve a problem like Nanami?

Oh Nanami, ye butt of all jokes in the Utena-verse. Who’d ever have thought that the girl best known for tangling with tight-rope walking, mountain climbing elephants and magical-girl-transforming into a cow could be so deep! Join the fantastic folks of Empty Movement as we watch and discuss the thematic arcs in all the Nanami episodes from the Utena anime (or at least the ones we can fit into a 2 hr block)!

UTENA MOVIE: Fabulous Hair Drinking* Game

AKA That Anime Movie where a Girl Turns Into a Car. The Adolescence of Utena is one of the most iconic anime movies of the 90’s and is packed with enough symbolism, artistic merit and sheer over-the-top wtf-ery that one could spend an entire masters’ thesis analyzing this movie and still not get through it all. So naturally, the best way we could think of honoring this movie with the awesome ladies of Empty Movement is to chug every time fabulous hair flips across the screen.
*ID will be required to purchase alcohol. Drinking not required for participation.

UTENA THE MUSICAL – Comedie Musicale Utena: La Fillette Révolutionnaire
It’s not quality, but there’ll be alcohol!

So you think you’re a true Utena fan because you’ve watched the anime, bought the movie 3 times over, have both sets of manga AND played the sega game. But have you experienced the very first Utena musical?! This difficult-to-get-your-hands-on 1997 production is brought to you by the awesome folks at Empty Movement! Come on down, grab a drink, and prepare yourself for some cheesy, low-budget, 1990’s Takarazuka-style theatre!
*ID will be required to purchase alcohol. Drinking not required for participation.

END OF UTENA: Hurts So Good!

This is it. Those final few episodes that blew our minds 20 years ago, from which we still haven’t recovered. Join Empty Movement as we go through the last arc of this legendary anime. This time, the booze is here to help you numb the pain.

If you thought the first time you watched this was soul-crushing, just wait ’till you watch it again with a side of insightful (and/or trashy) commentary. Perhaps a debate about Akio’s nipples is in the stars?


*ID will be required to purchase alcohol. Please drink responsibly. Drinking not required for participation. Non-alcoholic drinks also available for purchase.

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