Otafest Year-By-Yearbook

Celebrate 20 years with us!

Otafest is very pleased to be able to announce one of our big projects for our 2018: the Otafest 20th Anniversary Year-By-Yearbook! This school-yearbook-style photo book commemorates Otafest’s big 2-0 in 2018, and is expected to be a vibrant, colorful, approximately 150 paged, slightly-bigger-than-manga-sized, once-in-a-lifetime collectible item!

Whether or not you have been coming to Otafest for a long time, we wanted to put something together for all Ota-fans!

You can expect to purchase the Otafest 20th Anniversary Year-By-Yearbook at Otafest 2018 in the $25 – $35 price range, but wouldn’t you prefer to be a part of the book too?
Here’s a few different ways for you to participate!!

Head Shot

Were you like me in high-school and missed your photo day, 3 years running? Do you flip through your old yearbooks and sigh at that stick-figure someone drew in to replace you?

Well, don’t miss out this time! Submit your own head shot/image for the Otafest “Class Registry” using the following form:

Highlight Photo

Even as we speak, our hardworking Historian is digging through our archives! We’re looking for photos of highlights from each of Otafest & Aurora’s last 20 years, and we want your help!

Do you have any photographs you’d like to contribute to the Yearbook? Please submit them using the following form:

Otafest Memories Essay

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but other times, you kind of just want to sink your teeth into those thousand words, don’t you? (Fanfiction fans will know exactly what I’m talking about!)

Do you have a story of an Otafest memory, or what Otafest means to you? Please submit your essay to the Otafest 20th Anniversary Year-By-Yearbook using the following form:

For clarity’s sake, please note that successful photos & essay applicants will receive a free copy of the Otafest 20th Anniversary Year-By-Yearbook. Folks who submit a personal head shot for inclusion can expect to be able to purchase a copy of the yearbook during Otafest 2018 in the approximate price-range of $25 – $35.

We hope to have the books available for pre-order sometime late 2017/early 2018!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Otafest team!