Otafest 2022
Brendan Hunter

Brendan Hunter

Voice Actor Guest

After 20 years as a voice actor for anime, cartoons and video games, Brendan Hunter has been in many iconic and influential products.

Perhaps best know as Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter, he started in Dragonball GT (Uub/Oob), followed quickly by Tien Shinhan in Dragonball. Brendan can now be heard and seen in numerous films, video games, TV shows, and online, phone etc. With card game show’s popularity it’s been great to play Dr. O on Cardfight! Vanguard, and many of the card’s monster voices, as well as shows like Futurecard Buddyfight (Jin Magatsu) and LBX as the villainous Devin.

Professional actor since 8 months old, Brendan has loved doing lead and supporting roles in Hunter X Hunter (Hisoka), Scan2Go (Dradd), DICE (Robert Clapice), Deltora Quest (Sorcerer Oacus), Gregory Horror Show (Judgment Boy), Hoop Days, Jubei-Chan 2, Di Gi Charat Nyo!, Pretty Cure, many Gundam VG’s, “MegamanX: Powered Up” VG (Elec Man), Ladies Vs Butlers (Toichiro), and many others.