Artist Alley Application

Artist Alley provides an outlet for artists and creative designers ranging from hobbyists to professionals to showcase and sell their fan-made work.

Please note that licensed or mass produced items are better suited in the vendor portion of our hall rather than Artist Alley!

Artist Mailing List

Want to stay in the know for future Artist Alley information? We e-mail artists each year when we’ve finalized application dates and when we release information packages. To receive these updates, please subscribe to our Artist Alley Mailing List.

Hall Schedule


May 18

12:00 PM – 11:00 PM


May 19

Final Setup
7:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Open to Public
10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


May 20

Restock / Reset
7:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Open to Public
10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


May 21

Restock / Reset
7:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Open to Public
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

5:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Application Selection

Artist applications are not first-come-first-served, but rather will be selected in the following manner:

  • 60% by jury.
    • Applicants who are not awarded a table via jury will automatically be entered into the lottery.
  • 30% by lottery.
    • Applicants will have the choice to skip the jury selection and enter only into the lottery.
  • 10% by invite.
    • Any unused invite spots will be added to the lottery pool.

We will inform all applicants by January 15, 2023 via e-mail as to whether they’ve been selected for a table or are waitlisted. Artists who are not selected for a table are automatically added to the wait list.

Table Pricing & Details

Half Table ($140.00 + GST)*

  • 4 ft. x 2 ft.
  • 1 Sub-Artist/Helper/Assistant
  • Up to 2 Artist Alley Badges**
  • 1 Pass to Otafest 2023**
  • Up to 2 chairs
  • Table skirted on 2 sides
  • Table rental is for all 3 days of the festival

Full Table ($280.00 + GST)*

  • 8 ft. x 2 ft.
  • 1 Sub-Artist/Helper/Assistant
  • Up to 2 Artist Alley Badges**
  • 2 Passes to Otafest 2023**
  • Up to 2 chairs
  • Table skirted on 3 sides
  • Table rental is for all 3 days of the festival

* Processing Fee is 2.9% + $0.30.

** Artist Alley Badges will grant the bearer access to the Exhibitor Hall ONLY so you can get to your table and sell your art. If you want to explore the rest of Otafest (panels, showings, café, etc.), you will need to use your Otafest pass(es).

Hotel Details

Just an elevator ride away from Otafest, you can book your stay at the Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel with special rates for Otafest exhibitors!

Connected directly to the Telus Convention Centre and boasting Calgary’s largest standard guestroom available with a single king or two double beds and large windows, the Marriott’s rooms feature beautifully appointed furniture and hypoallergenic Duvets, fitness center, pool access, and wireless internet.

Important Considerations

Punctuality & Display Setup

Your presence at your table reflects the way patrons perceive Otafest’s quality, professionalism, and polish.

We require your displays and showcases be ready and you be present at your table during the hours the Exhibitor Hall is open to the public. Unfortunately, we’ve had issues with this in the past and so we must enforce a ban for absentee Artists.

If you have an emergency, please e-mail us as soon as possible. These are handled on a case by case basis.

Power & Internet​

Power and internet access are available, however you must order them directly through the Calgary Telus Convention Centre Tradeshow Forms. Otafest is not able to order these services for you. As these particular services are provided direct to you, if you have any questions please contact the Calgary Telus Convention Centre.

Gift Certificates

As part of Otafest’s various contests, patrons will be given gift certificates for use in the Exhibitor Hall. We ask that you accept the certificates for the value indicated as an all-or-nothing item (i.e. don’t give any change).

At the end of each day, please bring all gift certificates collected to the Exhibitor Information Desk to be paid out. Please note you will not be compensated for lost certificates and should treat them as cash. A sample certificate will be shown prior to the start of the festival so you’ll know what to expect.

Flammable Materials

As per the Alberta Fire Code any decorative material, such as, but not limited to, drapes, theatre curtains, signs, banners, acoustical material, plastic cloth, plastic displays, canvas, cardboard, canopies, etc. must be of non-flammable material, conforming to CAN/ULC S2109, or treated and maintained in a flame retardant condition to ensure that the material will pass the match flame test in NFPA 705.

If your display(s) does not conform to this, you will be required to remove it.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may purchase either 1 full table or 1 half table.

If you apply for a full table, there will be an option on the application to accept a half table if there are no full tables remaining at the time of selection.

You are entitled to up to 2 Artist Alley badges. Whether you use the second badge to share your table with another artist, or use it to bring a helper is completely up to you.

In either case, however, you will need to provide us with the identity of the other person. You can do this either on your application or in your payment portal. 

Please note that as the primary table holder, you are responsible for the other person’s conduct. If they do something that could result in disciplinary action (e.g. a ban), it is you who that action will be taken against as the table is under your name.

You may not sublet or sell your table to anyone else.

Successful applicants will receive payment deadlines and specific details on how to pay in their acceptance e-mail. Otafest only accepts online payments via credit card. Please note that a service fee of 2.9% + $0.30 will be levied.

The hall will be available to you on Thursday evening and Friday morning for setup. Please see the schedule for specific times.

To receive your badges, check in with Otafest staff at the Exhibitor Relations booth located just outside of the hall entrance.

Tables in the hall will be labeled by number. Please note that artists do not have access to the loading dock for setup unless specifically requested and approved. Artists will bring in their materials through the hall’s main doors. There is an elevator from the main floor for your convenience.

If you require access to the loading dock, please notify us by March 31. Please note that this requires Otafest’s and the venue’s approval, and will involve a materials handling fee.

You can sell original art pieces in various media, created by yourself, so long as it does not violate any laws (including copyright laws) or Otafest Festival Policies.
  • You must abide by licensing and copyright laws. The sale of illegal merchandise is also prohibited.
  • You may not sell AI-generated art. This is defined as artwork generated via the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, or similar algorithms.
  • The sale of weapons and/or props resembling realistic weapons is prohibited at Otafest. Props that abide by Otafest’s Festival Policies may be sold.
  • The sale of mystery containers is prohibited at Otafest. A “mystery container” is defined as a bag, box, or container whose exact contents are unknown to the purchaser until after the purchase has been made. Due to several issues arising in prior years regarding the quality of items included in mystery containers, Otafest no longer allows their sale.
  • The sale of food and drink is prohibited unless authorization has been granted from Otafest and Marriott Catering Services. A Food and Beverage Authorization Request Form must be filled out and approved by Otafest and the venue.The sale of regular sized Pocky, Hi-Chew Fruit Chews, and flavored KitKat bars has already been approved for all Exhibitors.
  • The sale of Otafest branded merchandise, mascot characters, or other Otafest trademarks is prohibited unless the Vendor has received prior approval in writing from Otafest.
  • The sale of adult materials is permitted, however such items may not be sold to minors, nor can they be placed somewhere such that a minor could see it on display. It is your responsibility to ensure that the customer is of legal age prior to purchase.
Please let the Artist Alley team know if you need any clarification.

If you wish to include a charged raffle or draw (i.e. where people have to pay to enter), then you must obtain a raffle license from the Government of Alberta and notify Otafest with proof of that license. Otafest must also approve the raffle.

Please refer to the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis website for details on license requirements.

Otafest reserves the right to remove unlawful or unauthorized raffles or draws during the event.

“Proxy selling” refers to selling the works of another person who is not present with their permission. Proxy selling is permitted at Otafest, however, the artist who originally created the works you are selling (the “original artist”) must sign an Otafest Proxy Form.

A blank Proxy Form is available in your payment portal when you are awarded a table, and there is a deadline to submit the form. The payment portal is also where you will upload the completed form. Please read the instructions carefully!

Depending on how close to the event you apply to cancel, different policies will govern whether you get a refund, and for how much. Please see the policy on the application form for specific details.

No. Artist tables are limited to a maximum of the 2 already-included badges.

  • The Artist Alley Badge will get you into the Exhibitor Hall only.
  • The Otafest Pass(es) will get you into the rest of the festival, in case you want to check out the what else is going on while you’re here / after the hall closes for the day!

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