Stars of Cosplay​

Our Popularity Contest! Also our easiest contest to enter, simply sign up, have your photo taken for our slide show, and wear an entry sign so people know you’re in the contest. Wander around the festival and people will know to vote for you.

Cosplay HQ – Ideation Room 1

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Come to the sign up desk on Sunday (check the schedule for registration times) and let us know your name, character, and which team/group you wish to enter.

We’ll give you a sign with your number on it and take your photo for the slide show, then you’re done! Voting will take place after registration has finished back at the registration desk.

People can watch the slide show, see their favorite in person or choose them from the voting list. We’d encourage people to see their favorite cosplay in person before committing to vote for them but it’s entirely up to each voter.

At the end of the voting period the votes will be tallied and the top 5 entries from each category will be posted at the voting desk, in the cosplay headquarters room, and in the cosplay repair room. Winners will be announced at Closing Ceremonies.

Finalists for each category will be contacted via text message (SMS) after votes are tabulated. Finalists will be asked to return to Cosplay HQ and will receive with a ticket that grants them and 1 (one) guest guaranteed access to closing ceremonies without having to wait in line. Finalists who do not pick up their ticket will not be guaranteed entry to closing ceremonies, and will be contacted with details on how to pick up their award afterwards.


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Registration is in-person at Otafest only

There is no pre-registration for this event. See the Format section of this page for more details!