Exhibitor Hall

Artist Alley & Vendors

Our Exhibitor Hall is full of booths where you can find official figures, manga, plushies, posters, and artist tables with a wide variety of drawings, paintings, charms, handmade items, and more. Some artists may also take commission requests for custom pieces.


While Artist Alley is full, we still have a few Exhibitor Booths available!


2017 Exhibitor Hall
2017 Exhibitor Hall - Click/tap for a larger image!
Area Name
A Otafest Photo Booth
B Autographs
C Exhibitors
D Artist Alley
E Otafest Merchandise
F Concessions
G Policy Enforcement Booth
H Community Alley
I Otafest Sketch Drive


Table Name
A2 Itsbirdy
A3 Jyinxe
A4 Meru
A5 Cryleigh
A6 Lyeric
A7 MahouJomo
A8 Prince Phantom
A9 Cindiq
A10 Mister Shiroi
A11 The Cuter Things In Life
A12 Fredericayang
A13 Grace O’Neil
A14 Stanglass
A15 Faery Ink Press
A16 Noodledragon design
A17 Ki Hiwatari
A18 A Girl of Many Fandoms
A19 keimi
A20 Arty McFly
A21 Neverominin
A22 Sandy Ly
A23 Hyokenseisou
A24 Rusted
A25 Toxic Bunny Creations
A26 CapeeCreations
A27 Covert Art
A28 Achiru
A29 Lisha Lee
A30 Eyrie Ceramics
A31 Mikkel
A32 Octoplus
A33 Kinosthetic
A34 itsMengo
A35 PA Studio
A36 russia
A37 Duchess Celestia
A38 Princhao
A39 Quirkilicious
A40 Tim Yan
A41 Dreamydea
A42 Lasarem
A43 Kuro-Torii
A44 Umi-ru
A45 Ora
A46 boredlydoodling
A47 berryraindropp
A48 mangokappu
A51 Jean Tang
A52 Nikaso Art
A53 Sage
A54 Jubblier
A55 Wired Creations
A56 Yaso
A57 Jesselyn Fillo
A58 Ao
A59 yuuike
A60 zearyu
A61 Ichigojusu
A62 Werewolfprincev
A63 SomeBunny Art
A64 Robots in Sweaters
A65 Momo’s Quartet
A66 Kelly Tsvahl
A67 MK Props
A68 Dave Pym
A69 reirei18
A70 Mau
A71 Princess Luna’s Bow-tique
A72 Sepphyr
A73 castcuraga
A74 Cartoon Girl
A75 aiishii
A76 SerpentStag
A77 Crystal Chantal / Kouseki
A78 klaeia
A79 Manda
A80 zzyzzyy
A81 pongoart
A82 Sookyun
A83 Hero
A84 Rawry & Pohly
A85 Batsu Wolves
A86 Ian Navarro
A87 Kamaniki
A88 Sabtastic
A89 pickletoez
A90 Weissidian
A91 Deggey
A92 Simona Artista
A93 Yummy Suika
A94 Tera Aparici
A95 Arabesque
A96 Rabbit Bride
A97 angela
A98 Brownrabbits
A99 Royelle Art
A100 Topazius
A101 The Buttoneers
A102 DappleFox
A103 Polystoked
A104 Akiene
A105 Meghan Hounsell
A106 vince
A107 Ofskysociety
A108 Tre Bien ThuRei
A109 Rakugaki Emy
A110 Alexiuss
A111 Cardboard Cosplay Creations
A112 Bunny G
A113 milkyvenus
A114 Aoizulla
A115 Xu Gu
A116 Shauna Alderson
A117 Sincria
A118 Lumishkabibble
A119 Azuma Cosplay
A120 KawaiiAine
A121 yanimator
A122 Amy O’Brien
A123 Chris Bexiga / Dione M
A124 FrostNight Forge
A126 Amber Walker
A127 Cypritree
A128 Blue Moon Design Studio
A129 Curry
A130 RedKitsune8
A131 Kupo-san
A132 MasqueradesFox
A133 Hentyler
A134 Karen Ly
A135 FalseDelusion


Interested? Exhibitor applications are still open!


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