Exhibitor Hall

Artist Alley & Vendors

The Otafest Exhibitor Hall is full of booths where you can find official figures, manga, plushies, posters, and artist tables with a wide variety of drawings, paintings, charms, handmade plushies, and more. Some artists may also take commission requests for custom pieces.

Once exhibitor registration is complete, check back here for a map and list of exhibitors.


Applications open on February 6, 2017.If you are looking for updates on exhibitor applications, please subscribe to our Artist Alley Mailing List or our Vendors Mailing List.

Layout & Assignments

Exhibitor Layout


Name Table
Justin Curie 1
Cindy Chen 2
Christina Windley 3
Samantha Taylor 4
Ashley Harder 5
Candy Niu 6
Jo Park 7
Forest Floor Arts 8
Andrea Tamme 9
Claudia Wang 10
Yanimator 11
Paperbeatsrock 12
Rawry & Pohly 13
eibbieembarrassed 14
Kawo 16
kate 18
Asianpanties 19
Simona Artista 20
Yummy Suika 21
Lasarem 22
Rusted 23
Johnni Kok 24
Elise Trinh 25
Cypri Art 26
zzyzzyy 27
Hero Aiyami 28
Lavix 29
KAGE Productions 30
Kila 31
Blue Moon Design Studio 32
Bendiistraw 33
Polystoked 34
CupCakeMosnterCrafts 35
acetone91 36
Tim Yan 37
FalseDelusion 38
FrostNight 39
Wishful Thinking 40
Brownrabbits 41
Keimiu 42
Studio TipTop 43
Kuro-Torii 44
Yuuike 45
Art By Amanda 46
Itsbirdy 47
KingJNar 48
Meg 49


Name Booth
Yaya Han A
Otafest Photo Booth B
Kamui Cosplay C
Autographs D
Otafest Sketch Drive E
Concession and Seating (Cash Only) F
Musical Guests G
Otafest Merchandise H
Svitart V1
Anime Hypercubed V2
The Attic V3
Mythril Wigs V4
Fan Affliction V5
Canada Cosplay V6
Kigurumi V7
Anicore Products Ltd. V9
Newgame+ V10
TemporaryBody Art V11
HMV Canada V12
Ukiyo Gifts V13
Star Cast Anime V14
Monster Box V15
Bronze Art V16
Random Array V17
Nerdhaven Collectibles V18
ShoeBox Games V19
Pixelated Imports V20
ZoltanGal Ltd. V21
Red Dragon Creations V22
Little Star Gifts V23
Outbound Xtreme Streetwear V24
East Ridge Hobbies V25
Vibrants V26
Comic-Kazi V27
Sanshee V28
Irben Entertainment V29
Just Yuki V30
Chinook Crafts V31
Chez Rhox V32
Dark Phoenix V33
Carta Magica V34
Classic Boutique Corsets V35
Frost Delusion V36
CC’s Leggings etc… V37
Cartoon Passion V38
Just Be Cos V39
Fire & Ice Games V40
Urban Pop Shoppe V41
Conspiracy Comics V42
Pixel Press Studio Inc V43
Ragnar The Trader V44
Red Moon Glassworks V45
Elemental Illusions V46
Lesa’s Enchancted Attic V47
EVT Enterprises V48
Kyuriin V49
Sun Anime V50
Tenshi Hobby and Entertain… V51
Otaku Entertainment V52
Animodeling Zone V53
Megazone V54
Chubby Panda Candy Vendors V55
Trendy Not V56
Nitro Geek V57
Nintendo V58
Jessica Wen V59
AUKUPI Micro Public Market V60