How It’s Made:
Cosplay Edition

How It’s Made is an event that brings the community together by sharing our knowledge and experiences in cosplay and related crafts. The event is set up just like a science fair: presenters display cosplay pieces or equipment that they have made or used, educating visitors about the processes involved. It’s all about building up the cosplay community in Calgary!

13 topics will be included in this event. If you’re an experienced craftsperson who wants to spread the word, this is the event for you!

How do I join?

You’ll receive a confirmation email by the end of April to let you know you’re selected! Start preparing for your table and be ready for Sunday, May 12th. If you’re unsure about your topic, need ideas, or have any questions, you can email Autumn at

What do I get?

Previous Topics


  1. How to Start Cosplaying and Costuming
  2. Buying Cosplay
  3. Running and Gunning: Introductory Convention Photography
  4. Makeup For Cosplay
  5. Beginners in Body Paint
  6. Cosplay in Film


  1. Pattern Drafting: Finally a Practical Use for Geometry!
  2. Leatherworking: Beginners Guide
  3. Fabric Painting and Dyeing
  4. Choosing and Working with Fabrics
  5. Ruffles, Frills and Fabulous Folds!
  6. Hand stitches for Function and Design
  7. Sewing Machine: Specialty Feet & Accessories


  1. Wigs: Spiking and Fake Hairlines
  2. Wigs: Adding Wefts and Ponytails
  3. Buying, Styling and Wearing Lace Front Wigs

Armor, Props and Accessories:

  1. EVA Foam Armor Basics
  2. 3D Printing Basics
  3. Resin Casting & Mold Making
  4. Armor Making with Worbla
  5. Painting Armor
  6. Cosplay Shoes
  7. Wings and Feathers
  8. Cosplay Jewelry

Tips for a Successful Station


  1. We take commitment seriously. Participants who arrive more than 15 minutes late or drop out after May 1st without an acceptable reason will be banned from participating in similar events in the future.

  2. Participants are required to arrive at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the event for set up, and remain in the How It’s Made area for the entire 2 hours of the event.

  3. Otafest will provide one 6’x2.5’ brown wooden table at the participant’s request. Other equipment must be provided by the participant. Participants are encouraged to cover the table with fabric or a tablecloth. Participants may use electricity to enhance their presentation.

  4. Be prepared to explain or discuss your topic with visitors with a variety of knowledge levels. (i.e. new cosplayers, experienced cosplayers, people who do not cosplay, etc.)

  5. No harassment will be tolerated. If you feel that a visitor’s behavior is inappropriate in any way, inform staff members and the situation will be resolved.

  6. This is a family-friendly event. Please do not use foul language or display inappropriate images.

  7. You may not sell work or actively promote your social media at How It’s Made tables. It is acceptable to have business cards or cosplay cards at your table, but you may only give them out or talk about your pages or business if the visitor brings it up first.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Autumn at