Cosplay Skit Contest


Prizing Provided By

Cosplay Skill Tree
The Costume Shoppe


All performers must be registered as part of your group. No member of the audience or unregistered person will be allowed on stage during the contest. You are not permitted to throw anything into the audience. Personal recording devices are not allowed on stage. You may have a friend come up to the photography area in front of the stage to record your performance if you like. Alternatively, Otafest will be recording the entirety of the contest and the footage will be posted for public viewing at a later date. Your performance will only be posted for public viewing if any music included in your entry is verified to be royalty free and available for free usage on social media, otherwise your performance may be modified or not included in our public postings. Please contact the cosplay team if you have questions about this policy.


All audio you wish to use must be submitted via the registration form or emailed to prior to May 1, 2023. Due to technical and logistical limitations no day-of audio will be accepted, no exceptions.

If you experience issues with submitting audio, please contact us prior to May 1st.


We will meet you at the main events room approximately 30 minutes before the scheduled show time (this is the “call time”) to check you in and get everyone in order before the show starts. You’ll need to come to the registration room before the contest to register and get your category and entry number.

At call time, you’ll be put in order within your category group and will come on stage in that order once the show begins.

On stage, you’ll be announced by the host with your name and character. Then you’ll have about 30 seconds to strike a pose for photos on the posing points marked on the stage. That’s 30 seconds in total, not on each point! When finished, you’ll leave the stage and return to the waiting line in the same order as before.

Once all the beginners have had their individual time on the stage the whole beginners group will parade on to the stage in order and the judges will present their awards. The group will then leave the stage and the process will repeat for the Intermediate and Advanced category groups.


Important Reminders