Pokémon League

The Championship Challenge

At the core of the League is the Championship Challenge. Does your team have what it takes to reach the top?


1. Gym Leaders

Fight each of our eight Gym Leaders to earn custom designed badges made by the expertly talented folks at Chinook Crafts.

Battle format: Singles 3v3

2. Elite Four

Once you've conquered all of the Gyms, you can ramp up the challenge and take on the Elite Four. Only when you manage to best each of them will you have a shot at taking on our Champion.

Battle format: Singles 4v4


3. Champion

Will you be part of the rare but powerful select few who succeed against our Champion?

In the unlikely event that you defeat them, you'll receive glory, fame, and a chance to be chosen as next year's Pokémon League Champion!

Battle format: Singles 6v6

You Will Need

Team Building Rules

Competition Rules

Mini-Games & Special Events

10 Years of League Memories

Visit the memories table and look back through 10 years of Pokémon League history. Take a look at how it all started and the journey to form today’s League!

Berry Picking

Once a day at 3pm you can “feed” our trainers some berries. In this game of speed, the trainer who picks the most berries will win prize tickets!

Charity Gym

Our cat themed trainers and their teams are ready to battle. Not only can you help us raise funds for MEOW Foundation, but once you defeat this gym you will also be able to receive a special badge.

How to Play Pokémon TCG

Our expert TCG player will teach you how to play the Pokémon trading card game. We’ll even provide the decks. After the lesson, you can test your skills in a battle to defeat a Gigantamax or Dynamax Boss Pokémon!


To celebrate the Pokémon League’s 10th anniversary we have created a special photobooth, complete with photographer, for you to have your photo taken!

If you donate to MEOW Foundation, we’ll swap to an Instax camera so you can walk away with a physical photo souvenir!

Pokémon Stadium

Relax in the Pokémon League’s gaming corner with some Pokémon Stadium! Play against fellow attendees to find out who is truly the very best.

Rental Battles

Battle with a variety of teams crafted by our rental battle techs, each team is unique and fun to play with. This is perfect for folks who want to battle without concerning themselves with the intricacies of team building!

Stuffie Stitching

Many Pokémon trainers go through the hassle of going out to catch their partners, but why not make your partner instead? Join your friends and fellow Pokémon fans as you select a pattern of your favourite Pokémon and stitch them together by hand! All ages and skill levels are welcome as volunteers will demonstrate and assist with the sewing techniques needed to make your very own partner for you to take home!

Spaces are limited, so pre-registration is required. Pre-register in the Otafest Pokémon League room before the panel and be early! Spots are first come first served and we run out quickly.

Team Building Workshop

If you’re into team building but need a extra little push, ask one of our expert Pokémon trainers to help you craft a team or even work with your current team to help defeat our league!