Pokémon League

The Championship Challenge

At the core of the League is the Championship Challenge. Does your team have what it takes to reach the top?


1. Gym Leaders

Fight each of our eight Gym Leaders to earn custom designed badges made by the expertly talented folks at Chinook Crafts.

2. Elite Four

Once you've conquered all of the Gyms, you can ramp up the challenge and take on the Elite Four. Only when you manage to best each of them will you have a shot at taking on our Champion.


3. Champion

Will you be part of the rare but powerful select few who succeed against our Champion?

In the unlikely event that you defeat them, you'll receive glory, fame, and a chance to be chosen as next year's Pokémon League Champion!

You Will Need

Team Building Rules

Mini-Games & Special Events

Check back in March-April for the fun and exciting special events we will have at Otafest 2023!