Otafest 2022

Gunpla Hangar Contest

Calgary Telus Convention Centre

May 21 - 22, 2022


Participants must have purchased a One Day or a Weekend Pass to Otafest 2022 to enter the contest.


Registration for the Gunpla Hangar Contest can be done prior to Otafest using the form below, or in person during the day of Saturday, May 21st. 

To sign in your kit(s), proceed to the registration table near the contest display area in the Marriott’s Acadia room. Let the staff know if you pre-registered online or if you are doing day of registration. It is recommended to drop off early in the day to allow better opportunities for people to view and potentially give People’s Choice votes.

Once signed in, either a volunteer or one of the Gunpla Hangar staff will assist you with displaying your kit in the contest display area. Please note that contest registration will close at 6pm MDT when the Gunpla Hangar closes for the day. All model kits will be locked up and secure overnight.

Judging will be done between the hours of 8:00am and 12:00pm on Sunday, May 22nd by our panel of judges. Winners to be announced in the Gunpla Hangar between 1:30-2:00pm.

Once all winners have been announced, you’re free to pick up your entries until 4:00pm. Should you need to make arrangements to pick up after 4:00pm on the Sunday please speak with one of the Gunpla Hangar staff at any time throughout the weekend.

Contest Categories

  • Small – 8x8x8 inches and smaller*
  • Medium – 8x8x8 inches to 14x14x14 inches*
  • Large – 14x14x14 inches and larger*
  • Youth – No size limit; Participant must be under the age of 14.
  • People’s Choice – As voted by Otafest attendees
  • Special Prizes
    • “I’ve Seen Better Days”
    • “This Is A Work Of Art”
    • “Armed To The Teeth”
    • “That Ain’t No Gundam”
    • “Does it Pay Rent?”

* Size of model kits are restricted to the dimension of a square space.


Models will be judged by 3 judges using a point system in the following categories:

  1. Build
  2. Paint
  3. Creativity/Originality

Contest Rules

  1. Participants must have purchased a One Day or a Weekend Pass to Otafest 2022 to enter the contest.
  2. Materials. The model must be created using plastic model kits.
  3. Category. The base model will be placed in its respective category.
    1. Models may be transferred between categories at the judges’ discretion.
  4. Prohibition. Base Models can’t be 100% 3D printed or fabricated from scratch (Dioramas/bases are exempt from this rule.)
  5. Multiple Submissions. Each participant may enter up to 3 kits but will only qualify for one prize.
  6. Entry Deadline. Participants must submit their entry prior to 6:00 PM MT Saturday May 21st, 2022
  7. Awards. Awards announced at or about 1:30PM – 2:00PM MT Sunday May 22nd, 2022
  8. Pickup. All model kits must be picked up no later than 4:00PM MT Sunday May 22nd, 2022.
  9. Use of submitted work for Otafest. By entering the venue, all persons consent to being video recorded and/or photographed by Otafest staff/volunteers or their appointed agents. Further, all persons consent to video and/or photographs of their contest submissions.
  10. Contestants consent to the release of their name, age, and general area of residency (i.e. city) for the purposes of announcing contest winners and entries for future marketing purposes.