Gunpla Hangar Showcase


Showcase Format

Registration for the Gunpla Hangar Showcase can be done prior to Otafest using the form below, or in person during the day on May 19th and 20th.

To sign in your kit(s), proceed to the registration table near the contest display area in the Marriott’s Mount Royal room (the Gunpla Hangar). Let the staff know whether you pre-registered online or are doing day of registration. It is recommended to drop off early in the day to allow better opportunities for people to view and give People’s Choice votes.

Once signed in, either a volunteer will assist you with displaying your kit in the showcase display area. 

Please note that registration closes at 8:00pm MT on Saturday May 20th when the Gunpla Hangar closes for the day. All model kits will be locked up and secured overnight.

Judging is on the morning of Sunday May 21st by our panel of judges. Winners to be announced in the Gunpla Hangar between 1:30 – 2:00pm.

Once all winners have been announced, you’re free to pick up your entries until 4:00pm. Should you need to make arrangements to pick up after 4:00pm on the Sunday please speak with one of the Gunpla Hangar staff at any time throughout the weekend.

Showcase Categories

  • Small – 8x8x8 inches* and smaller
  • Medium – 8x8x8 inches to 14x14x14 inches*
  • Large – 14x14x14 inches* and larger
  • Youth – No size limit; Participant must be under the age of 14.

* Size of model kits are restricted to the dimension of a square space.

Special Prizes

  • People’s Choice
    Let the people be heard! Attendees vote for their favorite build.
  • “I’ve Seen Better Days”
    Does your build look like it just went five rounds with a wood chipper? Then you might qualify for the “I’ve Seen Better Days” award which goes to the build with the best weathering and battle damage as judged by Gunpla Hangar team member Mo.
  • “This Is A Work Of Art”
    For the unconventional builder, something unique, something weird, or even something…that is a work of art 🎨
  • “Armed To The Teeth”
    The most guns and swords on a model kit. Looking for the best loadouts I gundam gun nut would say I want that on my mech.
  • “That Ain’t No Gundam”
    Look we all love Gundams in the Gunpla Hangar, but our Showcase Coordinator Shaun is nuts and wants to see something else. So bring out your Digimon, Pokémon, UltraKamenSentai Rangers, or your Kotobukiya mecha for a chance at the “That Ain’t No Gundam” award.
  • “Does it Pay Rent?”
    There are some big kits out there. Some are so big our team is left asking “Does it pay rent?!?!” Bring in your biggest builds and let Tape Measure-chan decide whose build is the biggest.


The Gunpla Hangar Showcase is judged on three criteria. Build, Paint, and Creativity.

Build and paint scoring is based on the quality of the build and the paintwork. The more polished and clean the execution, the higher you will score.

Creativity is based off the extra effort put into elevating the build beyond the contents of the box without looking through the lens of build and paint quality. So take chances, make mistakes, and have fun because that could be what gets you some mondo points!

Showcase Rules

  1. The Showcase is open to all registered Otafest attendees with a weekend or day pass.
  2. Day pass holders can pick up or drop off outside of their attendance day by showing proof of attendance (ticket confirmation, wristband, etc.).
  3. The majority of the entry must be built from existing model kits or built from scratch.
    1. Excessive use of 3D printing or use of action figures (Figma, SH Figuarts, Nendroid, etc.) may result in disqualification.
  4. Entries limited to 3 per participant.
  5. Showcase submissions open at 10:00am MT May 19th and close at 8:00pm MT May 20th.
  6. Judging will take place the morning of May 21st with the awards ceremony taking place at 1:30-2:00pm MT.
  7. All entries must be picked up between 2:00pm and 4:00pm MT before the Gunpla Hangar closes.