CONbini Menu

What happens if you combine a Japanese convenience shop with a Western Canadian convention? A CONbini! Can you smell the freshly-baked Melon pan? Got the craving for something delicious?

This is the menu of items available for purchase at the CONbini, located in the Convention Centre’s north building, main floor

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No menu... yet!

The CONbini menu will be available in March-April!

Telus 110

Friday 11:00 – 6:00 | Saturday 11:00 – 6:00 | Sunday 11:00 until supplies run out

Japanese Melon Pan

4.50 ea. | Special: 5 for 20.00

The sugary topped bread that looks like a melon but doesn’t taste like one! A Japanese bakery bread classic! Be like those protagonists munching these morsels at lunch time.

Available in Vanilla, Strawberry, Green Tea, Chocolate

Corgi Bavarian Cream Bun

6.50 ea.

Two fluffy Bavarian cream buns smushed together into an adorable Corgi butt! 🐾

Adzuki Mochi (3 pc)

Dairy free; gluten free*.
9.50 per set. | Mochi Mochi Deal: Adzuki + Nutella + Ice cream Special for 25.00

Delicious savory Adzuki red bean paste in a rice cake! A Japanese classic! Such sophisticated, much refined. Yes.

Nutella Mochi (2pc)

7.75 per set. | Mochi Mochi Deal: Adzuki + Nutella + Ice cream Special for 25.00

Rich Nutella paste in a rice cake! A Japanese sweet perfect for kids and adults alike.

Mochi Ice Cream (3 pc)

All flavors EXCEPT strawberry are gluten free*
8.00 per set. | Mochi Mochi Deal: Adzuki + Nutella + Ice cream Special for 25.00

Ice cream in rice cake! They just complement each other so well! Try every flavor. GOTTA EAT EM ALL.

Available in Vanilla, Strawberry, Green Tea, Mango, Coffee, Chocolate

Veggie Curry Bun

5.75 ea. | Combo: 2 Curry Buns + Large Drink for 15.00

Fried scrumptious bun filled with delicious curry. UMAMIIII-EVOLUTION!

Pizza Bun Paradise

6.25 ea.

Indulge in the tantalizing fusion of fluffy bun perfection and the irresistible allure of classic pizza flavors.


Dairy free; all flavors EXCEPT veggie are gluten free*
5.25 ea.

Rice balls filled with delicious insides! A classic Japanese snack (or quick meal) on the go! Also known as “Jelly Donuts” in a certain anime show.

Buy them before the Otafest staff raid the fridge, because we promise, they will!

Available in Veggie, Spam & Nori, Salted Salmon

Animal Donut

Gluten free; nut free; diabetic friendly | Prepared in a gluten-free kitchen
6.25 ea.

Small donuts decorated into cute animals! These cuties are gluten free, nut free and diabetic friendly, catered to those with allergies missing that delicious bakery taste! Just because these donuts have a hole in them doesn’t mean your stomach should.

Note: the donuts are nut free but are prepared in a kitchen that also prepares food containing nuts.


Gluten free; dairy free; diabetic friendly | Prepared in a gluten-free kitchen
6.00 ea.

Small home-grown, free-range cupcakes raised in the lovely bakery that we may or may not have held hostage. Sweet and fluffy, these tiny flowers may be the power up you need.

Pablo's Mini Black Sesame Cheese Tart

6.50 ea. | Pablo Combo: 1 of each Pablo tart + Cream Puff for 25.00

A mild sweet flavor with a less than modest hint of nut. A flavor that will linger on your tongue after each bite. OM NOMNOMNOMNONMONM

Pablo's Mini Sweet Cheese Tart

6.50 ea. | Pablo Combo: 1 of each Pablo tart + Cream Puff for 25.00

An Otafest artesian delicacy! This strawberry white chocolate tart was inspired by Otafest and its loyal attendees and made especially for this occasion. N-NOT THAT WE LIKE YOU OR ANYTHING, B-BAKA.

Pablo's Cream Puff

6.00 ea. | Pablo Combo: 1 of each Pablo tart + Cream Puff for 25.00

Pablo’s simple and elegant cream puff. An elevated dessert compared to the low tier common store-bought products. Get a boost of energy from these delectable delights, even if you can’t naturally perform magic.

Your WIZARD-PUNCHING MUSCLES deserve more than common loot.

Available in Vanilla and Chocolate

Pablo's Nama Chocolate

20.00 ea. | Matcha flavor

Imported from Japan, these luxury chocolates are the CONbini’s most elegant offering. Nama chocolates are incredibly silky and succulent with a rich flavor that melts in your mouth and makes your tongue scream for more, elegantly. Only the most aspiring attendee dares purchase! *PARFUM*

Warning: Nama chocolates may be super delicious. Eat at your own risk.

Comes with 2 forks to enjoy with your best friend, and only your best friend 🫵.

Note: These chocolates need to be refrigerated if you don’t plan on enjoying them immediately!

Japanese Drinks

Small (300 ml) 3.75 ea.
Large (400+ ml) 4.75 ea.
Selection available at the counter.

Enjoy the taste of Japan without leaving the con! Japan has perfected coffee in a can for your convenience and pleasure!

* The marked gluten free items may have traces of cross contamination as they are manufactured in a kitchen which also uses flour. The animal donuts and cupcakes are prepared in a gluten free kitchen.