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Japanese Melon Pan


Special: 3 for $10

The sugary topped bread that looks like a melon but doesn’t taste like one! A Japanese bakery bread classic! Be like those protagonists munching these morsels at lunch time.

Available in Original, Strawberry, Green Tea, Chocolate

Cream Filled Bun

Cream-Filled Melon Pan


Flavored cream nestled in a Melon Pan, worth every bite! UMAMIIIIII-MELON-EVOLUTION

Available in Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Coffee, Green Tea

Corgi Bun

Corgi Bavarian Cream Bun


Two fluffy Bavarian cream buns smushed together into an adorable Corgi butt! 🐾


Adzuki Mochi (3 pc)


Gluten free*, dairy free.

Delicious savory Adzuki red bean paste in a rice cake! A Japanese classic! Such sophisticated, much refined. Yes.

Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi Ice Cream (3 pc)


All flavors EXCEPT strawberry and taro are gluten free*

Ice cream in rice cake! They just complement each other so well! Try every flavor. GOTTA EAT EM ALL.

Available in Vanilla, Strawberry, Green Tea, Taro, Mango, Coffee, Red Bean




Dairy free, all flavors EXCEPT veggie are gluten free*.

Rice balls filled with delicious insides! A classic Japanese snack (or quick meal) on the go! Also known as “Jelly Donuts” in a certain anime show.

Buy them before the Otafest staff raid the fridge!

Available in Veggie, Spam & Nori, Salted Salmon

Animal Donuts

Animal Donut


Gluten free, nut free, diabetic friendly

Small donuts decorated into cute animals! These cuties are Gluten Free, Nut Free and Diabetic Friendly, catered to those with allergies missing that delicious bakery taste! Just because these donuts have a hole in them doesn’t mean your stomach needs one.

boss coffee - rainbow

Boss Coffee - Rainbow


Contains coffee (duh), and dairy

Japanese Coffee in a can! Taste the Rainbow, endorsed by Tommy Lee Jones, it is the perfect combination of milk, espresso and sugar.

Boss Cafe au Lait

Café au Lait


Contains coffee and dairy

Japanese Coffee in a can! Taste the Rainbow, endorsed by Tommy Lee Jones, it is perfect for someone who desires SWEET COFFEE LATTE

Melon Float

Melon Soda Float


Contains dairy

The ultimate anime drink you see those protagonists get at McDockens, 7-10 and other cannot-be-named-copyright restaurants, get one today!

Kirin Lemon

Kirin Lemon


Just as powerful as getting your butt kicked by the Elder Dragon Kirin in Monster Hunter, this soda packs an amazing lightning lemon carbonated strike into your body. SO TASTY.

Peach Drank

Japanese Peach Tea


Nothing pairs together with tea better than peach, and Japanese peach is the best type of MOMO you can’t say NONO to.

Peach Soda


Apparently it’s actually called Peach Mitsuya. Is it actually good? We don’t know, but the guy who’s writing this description is 51% sure it’s better than the Peach Tea, but what does he know? Maybe he’s wrong. You should prove him wrong. Buy one, find the nearest person who writes product descriptions and tell them what you think to their face.

* Gluten free items (except for the Animal Donuts) may have traces of cross contamination as they are manufactured in a kitchen which also uses flour.