Cosplay Showcase

This is a contest specifically for craftsmanship, there is no audience and no performance. Many of our talented cosplayers are excellent craftsmen but are less inclined to show off their work in front of an audience and we completely understand.

The Cosplay Showcase is a non-spectator event, usually the only people in the room (aside from staff and judges) will be your fellow entrants and those waiting with them.

Cosplay HQ – Ideation Room 1

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*If we don’t have any prop-only entries then we will assign the awards as Judges’ Choice Awards.



The contest will run over three hours during which we will check in, judge, and photograph our entrants. Once the contest starts we will call any pre-registered entrants to the sign up table first to check them in, once all pre-registered entrants have been checked in we will then ask everyone else to form a line and sign up if there are still places available!

You will be assigned a number badge and a category (Prop/Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced). Your number is your judging call number, your category is decided based on your previous cosplay experience. The judges may move you into a different category at their discretion based on the information you provide. 

You will then wait for the judges to call your number. Be aware of those before you so you know roughly when to expect to be called. We strongly suggest you remain in the room while you wait so you don’t miss your turn. Unfortunately it can be a long wait so bring something to occupy the time. If you want to minimize the wait then pre-register and turn up promptly.

Once your number is called head to the judging table, our judges will ask you questions about your cosplay, they are experienced costumers and in some cases professional guest judges. Be very honest about your work as they’ll know if you’re fibbing 😉 You will get 3 minutes of time with the judges, we have a timer so it’s fair to everyone. Once you have been judged we’ll take your photo and you are free to leave the room.

Awards will be announced and presented after the judges have finished their deliberations. You don’t have to be on hand to receive your award but it is preferred.