Yama no Oto

Yama No Oto

Musical Guest

Yama no Oto is a Calgary-based taiko group that was founded in 2004 by a group of dedicated taiko enthusiasts who wanted to bring the powerful rhythms of Japanese drumming to their community. The group’s name, which translates to “Sound of the Mountain,” reflects their commitment to creating music that is both dynamic and grounded in nature.

Over the years, Yama no Oto has become known for their high-energy performances, which combine traditional taiko rhythms with modern influences and a strong sense of showmanship. The group has performed at numerous events and festivals throughout Canada, including the Calgary Stampede, the Banff Centre, and the Edmonton International Fringe Festival.

In addition to their performances, Yama no Oto is also committed to teaching and sharing the art of taiko with others. The group offers workshops and classes for all ages and skill levels, and has worked with a variety of community organizations to promote cultural awareness and understanding.

Through their dedication and passion for taiko, Yama no Oto has become a beloved part of the Calgary arts scene, and a powerful force for bringing people together through music and culture.